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Business telephony
The power of a world-class system
The efficiency and flexibility of the cloud

Simplified Telephony!

Keep your numbers

Personalize the response to your customers

Eliminate fax lines

Have a strong corporate image

Wide choice of devices according to your needs/budget

With the cloud solution, your office explodes. You are no longer physically confined to one place.

Is this for you? Beneficial for you? Do you recognize yourself?

Obsolete system

Is your system showing signs of fatigue? Your old system has had its day? Have you reached your limits? Don't take the chance of losing your calls, messages or customers.


Are you experiencing rapid growth? you need to add staff quickly? nothing easier in the cloud!

do you have 'off' seasons and others when you are not up to the job? with the flexibility of SimpliciTEL modulate your extensions and lines according to your business needs


Get savings of up to 60% with SimplicITEL service

Multi-site? 1 system for all your sites, 1 invoice and lots of savings!

Reduction in the number of lines, elimination of fax lines

Reduction and optimization of the number of lines (-33%)

Moving business

Are you really thinking of moving your old system? Enjoy the benefits of cloud telephony and move nothing! we install telephones for you and that's it.

Conference call

  • Service included and free for SimplicITI telephony customers

  • Moderator function included

  • Recording available

  • Outlook compatibility

  • Secured access

  • Specific number available or integration with your regular SimplicITI service

  • Multi-languages

  • Easy to use!

Call Center

​Once reserved for large companies, cloud call centers are now available to everyone!

Call distribution

Messages waiting

Custom behavior depending on the queue

Distribution of calls according to skills (language/department)

Call priority

Easy to use!

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