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The power of a world-class system
The efficiency and flexibility of the cloud


The unloved of computing but the most important! Ask yourself: How soon will you be functional in your job if your business burns down? If your computer or your server gives up the ghost? How much time are you wasting? Peace of mind is just a click away!

Backup is protection in the event of a disaster.
It is a certified copy, intended to be restored in the event of an accident, loss, theft or worse ransomware.

Full Backup

The full backup makes it possible to make an exact copy of all the data recorded on a medium.


Incremental Backup

Incremental backup only backs up files that have changed since the previous backup.

Archiving is a collection of important documents or content that is classified for the long term and that is not frequently used or modified.

It concerns more the conservation in time, of our identity or of documents of importance for ourselves or our heritage. For example, backing up the accounting system from 8 years ago. Important but will hardly ever be consulted or changed.


Let's imagine for a moment that your save file is corrupted. With versioning you have access to an earlier version of your file!

You can set a minimum number of file versions to keep so you don't depend on just one backup version of an important file.


Storage Units

USB key

External Disk


Online Backup

USB flash drives are affordable, easy to transport, but their limited storage capacity is their main drawback. They are also fragile and can easily be misplaced, forgotten or stolen. For all these reasons, they are not supports to consider.

The use of an external hard drive is certainly the most economical and practical. External hard drives can reach large storage capacities. Their biggest flaw is that they are transported, misplaced, lying around in the back of the car… and when doing a data recovery, inevitably, data is missing or no longer works.

The purpose of the NAS server is to be accessible from client workstations through the network to store data there. He is fast, available and efficient. It is larger and more difficult to transport. So if an incident occurs at its place of storage and / or on the move, the data will potentially be unusable

Online backup is an interesting solution since the procedure is done automatically and requires no user intervention. However, it is important to ensure that the data hosting site is located in Quebec or Canada in order to avoid confidentiality problems, such as those encountered with, for example, the American “Patriot Act”.

Need help sorting this all out? We are here for you!

With an organized, structured approach, we'll help you get your backups in order so you can focus on your business!

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