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Security Made Easy!

Faced with multiple viruses, ransomware, phisings how to navigate?

Our team is specially trained and certified on the latest solutions on the market to save you the worst!



What is an antivirus and what is it for?

An antivirus is a program which primarily has a preventive role by preventing viruses from infecting computer units. In curative mode, it detects, neutralizes or eradicates malware from computers and other devices that are infected.

All are not equal. The strength of an antivirus is the 'virus definition' or the virus database which is constantly updated.

Some are very good and inexpensive. Avast and AV Security are examples. They are simple to use, inexpensive and effective.


Is a firewall the same as an antivirus? What is it for?

A firewall is a security device that controls traffic on your network. Using rules, it decides whether to allow or block traffic entering and leaving your network. This is your first line of defense.

To make an analogy, a firewall is a customs that manages who and what enters your home.

A firewall is usually composed of a 'box' and above all of the software it contains. It is constantly updated according to new threats present on the Internet. The most known and recognized brands in the markets? Watchguard, Fortinet, Sonic Wall, Palo Alto, Barracuda. All these brands are not equal and are not designed for the same use. We can help you see more clearly, our team is certified on several of these brands.


Small and large WiFi networks!

Create a Guest network on your WiFi...

Creating a Guest network on your WiFi network allows you to keep your data and traffic safe. In addition, you can control the flow so that you are not penalized by improper use of your guests. We can help you build your network

It would also be prudent to block access to the default port of your WiFi well as to change the default passwords on your network equipment. To know more...

Best Practices

The first and probably the most important safety element of all...Human behaviors!

Ban usb keys and other stuff like that

Strong and secure passwords (not on pieces of paper taped to the screen)

Do not click on any link!

The question and answer games on social put all the useful information there to be defrauded!

Update regularly on all your devices

Using a non-essential email address to subscribe to more questionable sites.

Forget Bittorrent-style download sites...

Use a VPN

Make your backups and put them in a safe place.

Please set clear rules and ensure that your employees and collaborators adhere to them.

Connected objects are all gateways to your network...think about it!

To find out a little more...

Follow the chronicles of Ms. Geek. In a simple way, Mme Geek gives you tips to apply in your daily life to help you in this computer world. 

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